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Clarify your message so people listen and act.



What you do

It’s never been easier to start a business.

A world of potential customers is available to you instantly, using nothing more than a mobile phone and two blisteringly fast thumbs.

But everyone has the same opportunity. So to get noticed, you need to be doing and saying something different.

Instead you do what everyone else does. You scratch around on LinkedIn trying to start conversations, write posts that no-one reads, and blog to an imaginary audience.

And what’s the result? An empty inbox, a shrinking bank account and a load of sleepless nights.

It's never been harder to get people to pay attention.

"The Million Pound Story was a game changer for me"

phoebe cherry - business owner

I was stuck trying to work out how to position myself and my service. Peter’s course took me from uncertainty, to being crystal clear about exactly who my target is and how to speak to them in a way that makes them listen. The transformation was almost instant. I started getting enquiries and my coaching course starting filling up. I now feel like I own a business, rather than a struggle, and really enjoy focusing on coaching my clients, rather than worrying about where my next enquiry is coming from. The Million Pound Story was a game changer for me

What I do

Whether you're a coach, consultant, solopreneur or business owner

I help entrepreneurs like you to craft simple, clear messaging that gets noticed. Here's how I do it.

Learn together

A 4-week online course spiced up with live group coaching over Zoom. I run this course 3 or 4 times a year. Click on the link to see if registration is open, or to join the waiting list

Let's get personal

You, me (and maybe your leadership team). An online course, with live coaching, focusing solely on nailing your proposition. Click below to set up a phone call so we can discuss

Something bespoke

What you want doesn't fit into the course format. Fresh messaging, new campaign, tired proposition? You tell me. Click below and let's have a chat.

What I write

Content that jams about content!

Pretty words, great ideas and no nonsense. 

What people just like you say

Peter's course was transformational. It really helped us focus on how to simplify and clarify our proposition. The results, more conversations with great prospects, were almost immediate.

Paul Dufays

Managing Director, Brigg Macadam

The result was exceptional. What I ended up with from Peter’s course was exceptional. He has a fantastic way with messaging. I use what we produced as the core for all my content now.

Mark Fritz

Founder & Managing Director, Procedor

The best time and money I've spent in a while. The course was invaluable. Two days after updating our messaging, a CEO reached out to me about improving their UX.


Robbie Rice

CEO and Founder of Semafor

Peter 's course is great. It taught me not just some great techniques for making sure you stand out from the crowd, but also how to deliver really powerful messages that get results"

Greg Wood

Owner and CEO, Mitingu

It’s been a pleasure working with you - I think that working through this has been some of, if not the most productive work that we’ve done on Mollis to date. My only regret is that we had not done this sooner!

Luke Watson

Managing Director, Mollis Group

Peter's course was a game changer for us. Working with Peter, everything became clear. He showed us how to turn our ideas into a powerful proposition and how to focus it on the perfect audience.

Martin McAndrew

CEO & Founder, Blue Thirst

What I say

My latest videos!

Bite sized chunks of insight carefully designed to last exactly one medium flat white. 

About me 

"I'm almost famous!"

I'm almost famous in the noisy world of startup messaging and positioning! I've done a couple of things to muscle my way into the conversation. I've started three tech businesses that took off like a moon rocket and got sold. I'm the Creator of a kick-ass course that has helped hundreds of early-stage business to create propositions that read like poetry. When I wasn't helping startups get noticed, I represented GB, in my age group as a triathlete. A mid-life crisis that involved a Lycra onesie. 

Peter Whent

Creator of The Million Pound Story

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