You're pushed for time. You need to know how you talk about your brand, the right words to use on your website, and what you stand for. And you need it yesterday.

We start at 9.30am, by lunchtime you'll have the answer.


The emotional shortcut

When you think of a great brand, you often experience an emotional shortcut. I say Disney, you think "magical". I say Volvo, you think "safety". These emotional short cuts are gold-dust. So, how to do you achieve them with your own brand?

Well first you have to understand what your brand really stands for? What is your  "Brand Essence"

This is the thing that everything else in your brand and messaging should revolve around. And it’s not just for the big guys. Everyone has a Brand Essence, but not everyone knows what it is.


Make great shoes and celebrate athletic achievement by aligning with winning athletics.

Brand Essence: Athletic performance


Family friendly experience for buying stylish, affordable furniture for our uni halls, first flat or new marital home.

Brand Essence: Togetherness


Cola that we drink with others at social gatherings or reunions. A drink for good times with friends

Brand Essence: Happiness


Finding you Brand Essence

Your Brand Essence isn’t something you invent. It already exists. You just need to uncover it.

One way to do that is to sit around a plate of sandwiches in the office every Friday lunchtime and talk about it until the boss comes up with a good word. Another way is to say:

"F*ck sandwiches, hello Brand Essence Workshop".

We’ll guide you through a process that we use to help people just like you discover what their brand really stands for.  And because we understand that you don't need another workshop telling you what your spirit animal is, we deal in practical, actionable results that are ready-to-use. You’ll leave with three things.

  • Your Brand Essence in a phrase.
  • A list of words you should use when you talk about yourselves. 
  • How to communicate your Brand Essence on the home page of your web site


How it works

The Brand Essence Workshop is a half-day group session. It works best with 4-10 people.

We run it live online, so you can do it in your pyjamas if you really want to. 

All we ask is that you come with your sleeves rolled up, in a kick ass frame of mind, ready to do some work.

Introducing your hosts for the day....

Bold, colourful, speaks the truth...

Not one for mincing her words. This northern force brings 20 years of big branding experience to your growing business, trading the usual branding bullshit for a practical and energetic approach that targets sales over vanity.

JOANNE LITTLE  //  Brand Lady

Less colourful, storyteller, not one for the status quo...

Creator of a kick-ass messaging course and on a lifelong mission to stop brands talking all about themselves, and start telling stories about their prospect's problems.

PETER WHENT  //  Messaging Man


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