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Stop me if this sounds familiar

LinkedIn is an important source of business for you

But your content isn't generating any interest, and you don't know what's missing.

If that's you then
Read this

Here is a really important question....

If there was a proven, step-by-step method for writing content that made readers say, "Wow, that's meant for me", and had them dropping into your DMs asking for your help - a method that didn't overwhelm your diary, or clean out the bank account....

Would you feel confident enough to make creating compelling, differentiated content your top priority?

Here's why anything less than a

YES, is costing you MONEY

Every day thousands of people, with money to spend, are online, reading content, looking for someone who can solve the problem that’s keeping them awake at night

The $64,000 question is.......

Are they noticing you?

Without being too dramatic, the success of your  business depends quite a lot on how you answer this question.

If your answer is a straight "no" and you know that your content is getting lost in a sea of noise and isn't cutting through


If your content isn't attracting the interest you think it deserves, and you're frustrated because you don't know why

Then keep reading....

In a minute I want share with you something that's going end the frustrating cycle of content that gets no enquiries, and leads to you accepting low value clients who suck up your time, and kill your margins. But before I do, I want to agree on something.

You know the old saying that before you can find the answer, you must first recognise the problem? Well I want us to agree on this:

The 5 reasons

Your content isn't working

(and what we need to do about it)

Reason #1 - You sound the same as everyone else

Reason #2 - It talks about you and not about them

Reason #3 - You're overcomplicating things

Reason #4 - You're inconsistent

Reason #5 - Your content is boring

"Peter's workshop was transformational"

"It really helped us focus on how to simplify and clarify our proposition. The results, more conversations with great prospects, were almost immediate"

Paul Dufays Managing Director, Kapok Capital

Don't worry. Help is at hand.......

Here's the good news

You don't need the collective brainpower of Mission Control, or the budget of a small country, to create powerful differentiated content that will have customers asking for your help.

You just need to know what to do, and how and when to do it

Having the courage to admit that your random approach to content isn't working, and committing to make way for a proven new approach to creating content that's different, will enable you to do all of this:

  • Create content that cuts through the noise and gets noticed.
  • Create content that turns readers into enquires.
  • Attract clients to come to you. No more chasing  hopeless causes.
  • Build a reliable sales pipeline with minimal work.
  • Start running the business you dreamt of when you started this.

If that sounds like the kind of wild claim you hear all over the Internet, let me tell you why it's not. What I'm about to show you is what I use in my own business, every day. It's generates between 5 and 10 enquiries a week, and it's enabled me to build a healthy six-figure business. 

Over 90% of my business comes from LinkedIn and I've never spent a penny on LinkedIn ads, I haven't carpet bombed people's messaging inbox and I haven't made a single cold call. All my business comes from organic content, using the method you're about to see.

Thanks for sticking with me this far. I've told you what the problem is, now let me reveal the answer. I am more than a little excited to introduce you to my flagship content course....

An online course that teaches you a proven, step-by-step system for taking your great idea and turning it into a stream of simple, differentiated content, that will grab people's attention.

Content that Converts has been 25 years in the making. That's how long I've been writing content at the coal face of small businesses. Whether it is bids, articles, marketing materials, or more recently blogs, and social content. I've seen everything. I've seen what works and I've seen what leaves customers as cold as a Polar Vortex. 

Over the last four years I've been in the trenches helping over a hundred coaches, solopreneurs, start-ups and scale ups, that are stuck. I've seen up close and personal what keeps people like this awake at night.

  • They're stuck in content hell. These are talented people who've come from successful corporate careers and who've built awesome products. But they can't get anyone to listen.
  • Their content's not hitting home. Without a source of leads, they're accepting any paid work at knock down prices, just to keep going.
  • They're telling themselves that it's temporary while they get established. But it's been going on for too long to be called temporary.
  • They're telling themselves that there's a big breakthrough round the corner, but they can't tell you when, how, or why it will happen.

I've lost count of the number of people I've met who had a dream. The problem is the dream doesn't look like this. They dreamt of a business where they could choose their hours, choose their clients and choose their prices. At the moment they're not choosing any of these.

At the same time I was building my own business, with content right at the heart of it. So I've really got under the skin of the content challenges of today's business owners. And now I've pulled together everything I've learned and poured it into a course for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs. A course built by someone who faces exactly the same challenges as them, every day.

The result is.......

Content that Converts, an online course where I'll teach you my proven framework for creating simple, clear, differentiated content that will engage your perfect customer audience and have them making contact .

"The result was exceptional"

"The result I ended up with from Peter’s workshop was exceptional. He has a fantastic way with messaging. I use what we produced as the core for all my content now"

Mark Fritz Founder & Managing Director, Procedor Limited

"Content that Converts"  is a self-paced, online course that takes you from where you are now, to a regular flow of scroll-stopping content that has readers making a beeline for your DMs to ask for your help.

Here's how it breaks down


Who is your content for?

  • The First Rule of Content
  • Why your content isn't working
  • Why we have to stop trying to convert everyone
  • Why will people read your content?
  • What's keeping your prospect awake at 3.00am?
  • Deciphering the Inner Conversation

Let's write great content

  • How to write hooks and headlines that work
  • How to write an Announcement Post that gets read
  • 5 post types that work (with walk through and examples)
  •  How to use emotional buying triggers
  • Using conflict in content
  • The posts we should never write

"Powerful messages that get results"

"I had tried some ad hoc ways of trying to sell online, but without much success. Peter 's training is great. It taught me not just some great techniques for making sure you stand out from the crowd, but also how to deliver really powerful messages that get results"

Greg Wood Owner & CEO of Mitingu

Register now

Registration for "Content that Converts" is open

The investment for this is a one time payment of £395.

(about the cost of a sandwich and coke a day for a couple of months!!)

Peter Whent

Creator of "Content that Converts"

About me

I'm almost famous in the noisy world of content! I've done a couple of things to muscle my way into the conversation. I've started three tech businesses that took off like a moon rocket and got sold. I'm the Creator of two kick-ass courses that have helped hundreds of early-stage businesses to create messaging and content that read like poetry and flow like honey. When I wasn't helping start-ups get noticed, I represented GB, in my age group as a triathlete. A mid-life crisis that involved a Lycra onesie (TMI?)

What do you get with 

Content that Converts?

  • A self-paced full online course (currently 27 videos, plus exercises & multiple documents).
  • Indefinite access to all course material to revisit at anytime.
  • Membership of my Facebook Group to share and learn with others.
  • Your own course workbook to complete as you go and turn into your content playbook.
  • Free access to anything I add to this course......EVER! (people who sign up after this registration will pay a higher price for new material).
  • Multiple bonuses including guides, swipe files and interviews.

What are they saying about my content on LinkedIn?

Hi Peter, We’ve never met, but since you reached out per the above message nearly 3 years ago, I’ve been reading your regular posts with great enjoyment and fascination. Of all the people who try to do what you do, you are by very far the best I’ve come across. I find your content really engaging and completely on the money.

Alex, Chief Commercial Officer

Hi Peter, apologies for the abrupt invite & thanks for connecting. I meant to say that I love your written word - it's captivating & really attention grabbing, one of the best out there. Would be interested to find out more about your course - the man / company you describe in your bio is us to a tee!

Will, Founder & Owner

I'm very jealous of the skill you have to be able to write the calibre of content you do each day. I definitely have peaks and troughs so want to write lots when I'm in a good mood and in the swing of things.

Sam, Founder & Owner

Thanks Peter, you are very kind! Fingers crossed - I really enjoy your posts and insight! It’s a pleasure to follow you -I have learned so much!

Cheryl, Business Owner, Canada

Hi Peter, I've just been binge reading your content and it's really resonating! I would be interested in having a conversation about your online program. Best, Zac

Zac, Founder & Owner

Hi Peter, Been watching your content for a while. You are a very rare commodity. I’ve thought your way for a long time but never had the balls to see it through. I’m lining up a new business in a similar field. Would love the chance to start a conversation with you. Best regards, Nick

Nick, Founder & Owner

Bonus content

I haven't come empty handed. As well as a course full of value and insight, I've got a few extra goodies


Bonus #1 - My Copywriting Guide

In 2018 I wrote a short guide to copywriting. I've updated it especially for this course. This version isn't available anywhere else - just inside "Content that Converts". And what's more, I'm going to keep adding to it. Who knows, one day I might sell it on it's own, but for now it yours, free when you register for this course.


Bonus #2 - My interview with one of the best copywriters I know

Steve Fountain is one of the finest copywriters I've worked with. He writes copy for a few people you may have heard of - Salesforce, Fujitsu, Mimecast (shall I go on?). Last year I sat down with Steve and interviewed him and he gave me 5 tops tips which anyone can use to turn good copy, into great copy. I've been bashing out amateur copy for a while and I learned a few things from Steve's awesome tips. The interview is free inside the course.


Bonus #3 - My last 75 LinkedIn posts

As well as all the new post types I'll teach you in the course, together with walk throughs and examples, here's something a bit extra. This bonus bundle of value is the last 75 LinkedIn posts I've written - unedited, in the raw. Exactly as they went down on LinkedIn. The best one got 60,000 views. Together I estimate they've attracted somewhere around 500,000 views and generated 5-10 leads a week. I've never done this before. This is my little treasure trove, and now it's your treasure trove. And it's only available at one place on the planet - inside this course!

Register now

Registration for "Content that Converts" is open

The investment for this is a one time payment of £395.

(about the cost of a sandwich and coke a day for a couple of months!!)

You are fully protected by our

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, at any time in the first 14 days, you don't think this course is delivering the value that you expected, let me know and I'll give you your money back. No questions, no quibble and no hard feelings.

P.S.: In the time it's taken you to read this page, many people with money to spend have been online looking for a solution to the problem that's giving them sleepless nights. They've found someone, somewhere whose content has given the a tingle in the mingle and they've messaged them to ask, "Please can we talk to see if you can help me". Make sure the next time this happens, it's you they're messaging.

You could be one click away from create simple, clear content that changes your business.