Every year thousands of entrepreneurs with great ideas start businesses.
75% of them won't make it past the first twelve months
There's a reason for that.

Great ideas are not enough. 
We work with tech founders to turn great ideas into sales, and we share the risk of doing it.

What we do

We help owners and founders of early-stage B2B tech companies to win customers. It’s not consulting, training or advice.

We win your customers for you and we share the risk of doing it


Market ready

Together we’ll create an irresistible differentiated proposition. Then we'll work out who your perfect customer is and what we’re going to say to them.


Winning sales

We’ll build your complete sales process and we’ll use it to start generating leads and winning customers for you.


Recruit, train and monitor

When you’re ready we’ll show you how to recruit and train "A player" salesmen to take over the process. We’ll still be around to monitor things

Our customers

Our story

Our business, our promise

Peter Whent and Miles Quitmann are two successful tech entrepreneurs. Together and separately they have built companies that have sold  or been publicly listed for over $100M. Peter tells the story:
In the noughties, Miles and I started a business together offering an enterprise billing and payment app. All our potential customers were large companies, so as a tech startup, we were going to have to punch well above our weight.

The result

We built a sales process from scratch and every element had to pass a simple test: “Will it increase our sales?”
This simple strategy worked. Within a year we had signed companies such as Virgin Mobile, nPower, Axa, Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone and Orange. Within 18 months we had sold part of our business to a FTSE 100 company and within two years we’d been acquired.

Fast forward to today

We started FounderRoad because we know from experience how critical sales is to B2B tech startups. We know how non-sales tech founders struggle with sales and how inexperienced salesmen spend too much time doing the wrong things.
We’ve been founders too, so we understand how important it is to have a partner that shares the risk.

Contact us

If you don’t ask you don’t get. You’re one click away from finding out more in a phone chat, and you never know, you may be one click away from turbo-charging your sales growth.

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