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How to grow sales with great content

You don't need the tech skills of a rocket scientist or a budget like Microsoft to grow your sales quickly using brilliant original content. You just need to know how.

Confused by the latest click funnel hacks and strategies?
Me too. Let's try something different. Something that works!​

A simple 3-part training that will turn your content into sales

I've been a small business owner most of my life. I get it. Your business is a big deal. It's not a hobby. It's a full time gig. It's what puts food on the table for your family. It's what pays for ballet lessons and it's how you afford those precious family holidays. Yeah, I understand it's a big deal. So let's start treating it like it's  a big deal.

It's time to stop telling yourself that social media is a confusing place and you don't know where to start. Those customers aren't going to find themselves. If you don't find them, someone else will.

My 3-part training is a simple, jargon-free introduction to using great original content to win customers. I'm going to show you how to use the content you already produce, to warp-speed your sales. You don't need to be technical and you don't need a budget like Kim Kardashian. You just need some hard work and a shed-load of enthusiasm. Can we shake on that?

“We have a great product but we were struggling with how to tell people about it. Working with Peter, everything became clear. He showed us how to turn our ideas into a powerful proposition and how to focus it on the perfect audience. We  now use what we learned in all of our content marketing. Peter's training was a game changer for us ”

Martin - Owner, Blue Thirst Media

Part 1

People don't buy from strangers. They buy from people they know, like and trust. That means engaging with them. I'll show how to find your perfect audience, how to engage them and why they'll buy from you.

Part 2

Now that we know who your perfect customer is, I'll show to how to build a large engaged audience of exactly the people you want to be talking to, and I mean large. All on autopilot

Part 3

People will engage with you when you show them that you understand what keeps them awake at night. I'll show you how to craft content that will attract customers like an umbrella salesman at a wet festival. You'll learn how and where to deliver your content. We'll look at ways to improve your copy writing, and some tips and tricks for turbo-charging each piece of epic original content.

The 5 Principles of Content Marketing

One of the mistakes I see people make most often is thinking that social media is an easy get-rich-quick scheme. They start a Facebook page, do a few LinkedIn posts, maybe put a video on YouTube and wait for the flood gates to open. But it never happens. That's because we're dealing with people here and people don't buy from strangers. People buy from people they know, like and trust. I know from my own experience, that if you find your perfect audience and engage and delight them with your content, they'll contact you and ask to be your customer. They'll do it if you follow "The 5 Principles of Content Marketing" which I'll teach you.

Why do people buy?

You'll learn the secret of what makes people buy things and the techniques to use to make sure your content touches just the right nerves

Content that converts!

What type of content works and what doesn't. Through 20 years of trial and error, I've figured out the recipe. You'll learn it in 8 weeks

What's hot on social media right now?

Social media is a constantly changing landscape. I'll teach you what's hot and what's not today. Where is your content most likely to convert into customers?

What are people saying about my training

I knew that all my potential customers were using social media in one way or another. But I didn't know how to go about finding them. I had tried some ad hoc ways of trying to sell online, but without much success. What Peter taught me was not just some great techniques for making sure you stand out from the crowd, but also a really organised way of putting great content in front of the right people consistently.

Greg Wood

Owner, Mitingu

Let's get started!

Call me on 07802 856000 to discuss how we make this happen. Feeling shy? No problem, fill in the form below and I'll call you.

How is this training delivered?

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    The course runs over eight weeks, with a 60-90 minute session every second week. There's prep to do before each session and homework afterwards. I usually do sessions using Zoom, but I can do them face to face (if you're local).
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    ​If you would like to do the training for a group please ask. I can deliver it on site in a workshop format over two half-day session about 2-3 weeks apart.

What do I get?

  • A step-by-step, click-by-click guide to a proven content marketing blueprint.
  • Four  60-90 min sessions overflowing with content, wisdom and winning techniques.
  • Comprehensive notes of everything we cover.
  • Copies of all materials and tools I show you during training.
  • A resource list. You'll be able to do most things I show you for yourself, but I'll give you a list of people I recommend who provide tools to help, or who'll do it all for you.
  • As many calls and emails as it takes to give you implementation support during the training and for one month afterwards.
  • Once I get round to committing the course to video, I'll give you lifetime access.
  • BONUS - I'll give you a copy of my 6 highest performing LinkedIn posts. All use a different technique, which I'll explain. They have attracted over 100,000 readers and many leads.

These customers love my training.

Here's why:​​​​

I talk to entrepreneurs in their own language 

I don't teach what I've learned on a course or from a book. I teach what I've learned from spending twenty years in the trenches. The same trenches as you.

When I work with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and early-stage business leaders, I know what they're going through. Because I've been through it myself. I've been in your chair and I know how difficult it is. When sales slow down or stall, everyone looks at you for an answer and you don't always have one. I'll use my two decades of experience to equip you with the answer.

I’ve been in business for 20 years, but I learned a huge amount from Peter. He seemed to always have a good answer. One of the major factors of my success has been Peter's guidance

Iain Edgar

UK Sales Director, Union Square Software

About me

Hi, I’m Peter Whent


I am a lifelong entrepreneur. I've spent most of my career building start ups or helping other people to build theirs'. I have founded or been part of the team that founded three tech-enabled business that we grew and sold for over $100m.

The common thread that allowed us to succeed in those businesses, was understanding sales. In particular understanding what makes people buy things and how you use content to influence them.

Over a 20 year career I used these techniques to win business from global brands like Virgin, Goldman Sachs, Orange, J.P.Morgan, Saatchis and Harrods.
Today I teach early-stage business leaders, solopreneurs, coaches and consultants a step by step actionable guide to using content marketing to sell more with ease.

Who is this course for?

  • Business owners who are stuck and need to unblock sales
  • Anyone who has had enough of the latest click funnel hacks, gimmicks and fads
  • Entrepreneurs who want to sell more with ease
  • Solopreneurs, consultants and coaches who want more clients

Who is this course not for?

  • People who are looking for a quick fix
  • Anyone who believes sales can grow on autopilot
  • People looking for the latest marketing fad
  • Anyone not prepared to roll their sleeves up and implement what they are taught

Let's get started!

Call me on 07802 856000 to discuss how we make this happen. Feeling shy? No problem, fill in the form below and I'll call you.




You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I'm pretty confident about this stuff, because I know it works. But if, for any reason, after having implemented what I teach you on this course, you are not happy, then I will give you a 100% refund at any time up to 30 days from the end of training.


Here are some common questions people ask

Do I need to be technical?

Don't I need a big budget to do content marketing?

How much time do I need to commit?

Is this just another online marketing gimmick