Are you stuck in proposition hell?

Here is a really important question....

....for solopreneurs, coaches, consultants & small business owners

Who’ve launched a fantastic product or service but can't seem to get anyone to listen to what they're saying..

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for building a proposition and a set of messaging that not only made people listen, but made them take action, (that didn't overwhelm your calendar or clean out your bank account)

Would you finally feel confident enough to make your proposition your business’s top sales and marketing priority?

Here's why anything less than a

BIG YES, is costing you a lot of money

Every day thousands of people, with money to spend, reach out online in the hope that someone can solve the problem that’s keeping them awake at night

The $64,000 question is.......

Are they reaching out to you?

If your answer is a straight "no" and you know you're stuck, not attracting any interest, then here's the likely reasons why:

  • Your messaging is making your prospect work too hard
  • You're talking about yourself and not about them
  • You're trying to please everyone, but pleasing no-one
  • Your proposition is long on features, but short on goosebumps
  • You sound the same as everyone else

We can change that. We can work together to build a proposition that will make people sit up and pay attention. Not only that, they'll take action. Here's how we can do it.

The Million Pound Story

Over the course of a day (or over the course on a four-week online course!), I'll take you from where you are now, to a fully implemented proposition and set of messaging that will generate leads.

We'll  start at the beginning and work through a proven, structured process. You'll leave with six versions of the same proposition, for use in the six most common places where you'll use it, and a set of messaging.

Three options. We can do this face to face  (not currently available) as a private workshop. We can do it either in your offices or in my training rooms, in the peaceful surrounding of the Hampshire countryside.

The other two options are digital. A self-paced online course, supported by live Zoom coaching calls with me. For obvious reasons this is the most popular at the moment 🙂

We can either do this as a course with private one to one coaching. If that is of interest, contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we can jump on a call to discuss it.

Several times a year, I open registration to a public online course which is the same as the private version in every way except the Zoom coaching is done as a group. Click on the "tell me more" button below, to see if registration is currently open. If it isn't you can join the list to be notified when registration next opens.

The content is exactly the same, whichever version you do. However you decide to do the workshop, you'll end up with a proposition that will have people contacting you to ask if you can help them. How do I know? Because I use every bit of my own method in my own business, and I get 5-10 warm enquiries a week.

Click the button below for more details.

What's everyone saying?

“Peter's training was a game changer for us"

“We have a great product but we were struggling with how to tell people about it. Working with Peter, everything became clear. He showed us how to turn our ideas into a powerful proposition and how to focus it on the perfect audience. We  now use what we learned in all of our content marketing. Peter's training was a game changer for us ”

Martin McAndrew
Owner - Blue Thirst Media

“Great techniques for making you stand out from the crowd”

"I knew that all my potential customers were using social media in one way or another. But I didn't know how to go about finding them. I had tried some ad hoc ways of trying to sell online, but without much success. What Peter taught me was not just some great techniques for making sure you stand out from the crowd, but also a really organised way of putting great content in front of the right people consistently"

Greg Wood
Owner - Mitingu

“Peter's experience of having been there and done it, shines through."

We were ready to move to the next stage when Peter started working with us. He' s done a great job of focusing us on what's really important. His experience of having "been there and done it" shines through. I have learned a lot from working with Peter

Lee Kennedy
Owner and Managing Director of KVF Consultants

“One of the major factors of my success has been Peter's guidance.”

Having Peter’s experience and calm reassuring support was invaluable. I’ve been in business for 20 years, but I learned a huge amount from him. He seemed to always have a good answer. One of the major factors of my success has been Peter's guidance

Iain Edgar
Global Sales Director - Union Square Software

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