Are you stuck in launch hell?

Here is a really important question....

....for solopreneurs, coaches, consultants & small business owners

who’ve launched a fantastic product or service but still can’t find enough engaged, ready-to-buy prospects.

If there was a predictable, step-by-step method for attracting and converting a steady flow of perfectly-targeted leads EVERY SINGLE DAY, that didn't overwhelm your diary, confuse you technically, or scare the bank manager....

Would you finally feel confident enough to make content marketing your business’s top sales and marketing priority?

Here's why anything less than a

BIG YES, is costing you a lot of money

Every day thousands of people, with money burning a hole in their pocket, reach out online in the hope that someone can solve the problem that’s keeping them awake at night

The $64,000 question is.......

​Are they reaching out to you?

If your answer is a straight "no" and you know you're stuck in launch hell, not attracting enough of the right type of clients, or if your efforts feel random - less sales and marketing and more trial and error -  then here's the likely reasons why:

  • You're overwhelmed by all the choices & don't know how to piece them together
  • You're distracted by every marketing fad that comes along
  • You're consistent at one thing - being inconsistent
  • You think marketing is a numbers game
  • You're trying to please everyone

Here's three ways we can work together to build a predictable system that provides a flow of quality leads and turns them into paying customers, with minimal effort.

Proposition workshop


A half day workshop in your offices. I'll work with you and your team to identify your sweet spot and what makes you different. Then together we'll craft the perfect powerful messages to tell the world about it. Let's put you on the map

Content Marketing


A one-day workshop in your offices. I'll help you find your perfect niche. I'll show you how to build a large engaged audience and how to shout your message from the digital roof tops to attract a flow of warm leads. By the end you'll have a fully running system that will take about 30 mins a day

Winning Sales


If you don't know sales, how do you turn a warm lead into a paying customer? That's the task. I'll teach you the system I've used to win business from some of the biggest brands on the planet including Goldman Sachs, Virgin, BP, ICI and Saatchi.

Contact me and let's chat. I'll try and reply on the same working day.

What are my customers saying?

“Great techniques for making you stand out from the crowd”

"I knew that all my potential customers were using social media in one way or another. But I didn't know how to go about finding them. I had tried some ad hoc ways of trying to sell online, but without much success. What Peter taught me was not just some great techniques for making sure you stand out from the crowd, but also a really organised way of putting great content in front of the right people consistently"

Greg Wood
Owner - Mitingu

“Peter's training was a game changer for us"

“We have a great product but we were struggling with how to tell people about it. Working with Peter, everything became clear. He showed us how to turn our ideas into a powerful proposition and how to focus it on the perfect audience. We  now use what we learned in all of our content marketing. Peter's training was a game changer for us ”

Martin McAndrew
Owner - Blue Thirst Media

“One of the major factors of my success has been Peter's guidance.”

Having Peter’s experience and calm reassuring support was invaluable. I’ve been in business for 20 years, but I learned a huge amount from him. He seemed to always have a good answer. One of the major factors of my success has been Peter's guidance

Iain Edgar
Global Sales Director - Union Square Software

“Peter's experience of having been there and done it, shines through."

We were ready to move to the next stage when Peter started working with us. He' s done a great job of focusing us on what's really important. His experience of having "been there and done it" shines through. I have learned a lot from working with Peter

Lee Kennedy
Owner and Managing Director of KVF Consultants